What is the Hokkaido Powder Belt?Hokkaido Powder Belt

A new snow area where you can experience the best powder snow

The Hokkaido Powder Belt is the collective name for ski areas in Tomamu, Furano, Kamui and Kurodake. Located in the center of Hokkaido, you can enjoy some of the best powder snow in the world. From steep snow-capped mountains to local ski resorts, we have an environment that allows both advanced skiers and backcountry beginners to fully enjoy the winter mountains.
The ski resorts have opened powder areas according to their own safety standards and offer a variety of activities like guided backcountry tours to take in the snowy scene. The resorts’ ski areas also offer beginner courses, children’s areas, and après-ski content, making it an area full of attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Extraordinary snow quality
Created by our unique climate

The Hokkaido Powder Belt is a ski area that stretches around 200 km from north to south in the center of Hokkaido where you can enjoy powder snow. The Daisetsuzan area, known as the “roof of Hokkaido”, has several mountains and ski resorts scattered throughout the region, so you can choose where to go according to the weather conditions, snow quality, wind direction and snow cover. In addition to the low humidity characteristic of the inland climate, temperatures drop to 20-30 degrees below zero for prolonged periods of time, making this one of the best areas in Japan for enjoying powder throughout the season.

Go skiing whenever you want!
Easy access to the area

The Hokkaido Powder Belt is surrounded by Asahikawa, Obihiro, and New Chitose Airports, making it very accessible. You can choose the airport based on which ski resort you want to visit! You could enter from Asahikawa Airport, enjoy several of the ski resorts, then take a flight from Obihiro Airport or New Chitose Airport. On top of that, the winter weather in Asahikawa is stable, so Asahikawa Airport has a 99% service rate, higher than national standards. You can rest assured that there is little worry about flight schedule changes due to bad weather. The airport has numerous car rental counters and ski buses which allow for smooth travel.

Plenty of après-ski activities, including dining and sightseeing

The Hokkaido Powder Belt offers different après-ski options, including urban skiing areas where you can enjoy skiing and sightseeing in the city, and snow resort areas where you relax and ski while staying at a resort. One attraction of urban skiing is getting to enjoy the many restaurants located near the hotel, so you won’t be bored even if you decide on a longer stay. On the other hand, snow resorts offer a wide variety of restaurants, night events, and other attractions for groups and families to enjoy an amazing après-ski experience.


Hokkaido Powder Belt
Combination Ticket Sales

Lift tickets for the Furano Ski Resort, Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ski Area, and Kamui Ski Rinks in the Hokkaido Powder Belt area are available for purchase. You can choose any ski resort based on the weather and snow conditions of the day and your style of stay.

5days Tickets
Applicable Ski Resorts Furano Ski Resort, Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ski Area, and Kamui Ski Rinks
Price (tax incl.) Adult ¥27,500
When to sales From December 24, 2022 to March 21, 2023
When to use From December 24, 2022 to March 31, 2023
When to purchase Tickets can be purchased in advance at the following site (WAmazing Snow).
Go to online ticket shop
Season Ticket *Sales have ended.
Applicable Ski Resorts Furano Ski Resort, Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Resort, and Kamui Ski Rinks
Price (tax incl.) [Early-bird discount period (for purchases between September 1 and October 31)]
19 years old and over ¥65,000 Junior high and high school students/seniors ¥50,000 Elementary school student ¥20,000
[Regular Period]
19 years old and over ¥80,000 Junior high and high school students/seniors ¥60,000 Elementary school student ¥30,000
When to use Valid from the opening to the closing of the 2022-23 season.
*Opening dates vary depending on the ski resort.
Please check each ski resort’s website for details.
Number of tickets available Limited to 50 (first come, first served)